patent human genes

1. Summarize Mendel’s conclusions about traits and how they are passed from generation to generation.

2. What is hereditarianism and what is the invalid assumption it makes?

3. What impact has recombinant DNA technology had on genetics and society?

4. We each carry 20,000 genes in our genome. Genes can be patented and over 6,000 human genes have been patented. Do you think that companies or individuals should be able to patent human genes? Why or why not? (Keep answer to within 100 words.)

5. If your father were diagnose with an inherited disease that develops around the age of 50, would you want to be tested to find out whether you would develop this disease? If so, when would you want to be tested? As a teenager or sometime in your 40s? If not, would you have children? (Keep answer to within 100 words.)

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