report on the group work


Working as a group of few individuals has several positive feedbacks. Firstly, it helps to gather knowledge and effort together to achieve the required outcome. This is more important in academics, as it helps the student to perform better as well as achieve their academic requirements. In relation to this, the present paper presents a comprehensive report on the group work in the completion of the PowerPoint regarding the preparation of a marketing plan for Starbucks entry in South Africa.

How we finished the PowerPoint

The PowerPoint presentation involved all the members of our group, where every member significantly contributed to the outcome. As a group, we preparation of the PowerPoint underwent through a series of steps. The first step involves an extensive research on the company pursuing an international expansion strategy. In this case, Starbucks was identified, while the target country was considered as South Africa.

Next, we explored the condition of the coffee market in South Africa, where the market was considered quite suitable for Starbucks to invest in. Other factors, which were extensively explored by the group, were the market segmentation, and the market entry strategy that could be applied for the entry to the South Africa market by Starbucks. The last factor considered was the marketing mix.

Each person’s work

Each of our group members was actively involved in research and preparation of the work. All of us as a group discussed the first step of identification of the company and the intended market. After that, we divided ourselves into three sub-groups. Each of these three sub-groups researched on different topics, which included the market mix, the suitable market entry strategy and the market segmentation to be adopted by the Starbucks Coffee as it strategizes on its entry to South Africa (Trepper and Chew, 2014). Each of the members of the sub-groups was mandated to carry his or her research, and then the sub-group met for compiling a concrete information.

Overcoming the problems

There were several challenges faced by individual research as well as a group. However, we applied several strategies to handle the case. The first way we used to overcome the challenge was conducting a discussion on how to overcome the challenge (Malekoff, 2015). Another strategy we used was conducting a thorough research on the prevailing literature, to find concrete information before reaching a conclusion. In the case of varying viewpoints, the group conducted a discussion to see which view had more weight.

How to work with a group

From our working groups, several aspects, which are important when working as a group, were identified. The first important aspect of group work the organization of the work, and understanding and managing the group processes (Cohen and Lotan, 2014). There is also the need to include every individual in the idea. Additionally, it is also significant to have a group leadership, which keeps the group focused on a particular direction. More importantly, it is significant to note that there are several problems, which arise in groups, and there is need to conduct a discussion to address the challenge.

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